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About MDG

Metropolis Design Group is an award-winning firm specializing in both Commercial and Residential interior design. Celebrating 25 years in business, we are so grateful for all of our loyal clients who’ve entrusted us with their many wonderful projects over the years! We look forward to an action-packed future embracing the ever-changing needs of modern workplaces and homes.


At Metropolis Design Group we’ve skillfully designed countless square feet of commercial and residential space both locally and nationally. Regardless of project size or type, we competently assemble the right team of professionals to complete your project. We are keen listeners adhering to both budget and schedule requirements, all while nurturing what is most important to you. We are proud of our many decades-long relationships with countless reliable vendors, local craftsman, not to mention our loyal clients! Our work has been featured in several local publications. 


Understanding our client’s desires and goals is the very key to great design execution. We ask the right questions, quickly identifying your specific personal and professional goals from the start. With those tools in hand we consistently provide one-of-a-kind, lasting designs. Like human beings, we believe every project we take on is totally unique. 

In the end, it’s not our design, it’s yours. Let’s tell your story!


About Laura

Early on Laura dabbled in interior design-creating floorplans and buildings for hours with her dad’s vintage stone blocks, touring any historic home she could get into, and putting finishing touches on her childhood home as a middle-schooler. Her 8th grade yearbook stated “Interior Design” as her future aspiration. One might say, ‘It was always in her blood’. Those early dreams resulted in a BA in Interior Design and Art. Since then she has designed millions or square feet for hundreds of clients. Her genuine love of design transcends everything she does. A keen observer, Laura believes it’s critical to submerse one’s self completely in whatever you do, absorbing your surroundings and engaging all 5 senses. “It’s only then you can truly understand people, their individuality, and their dreams…the fundamental equation for good design”. 


When not designing professionally, Laura enjoys reading and relaxing on weekends to refresh her brain for the week ahead. Hands-down, her favorite time is spent bringing small groups of friends together to share stories, great company and good food. And yes…she still occasionally builds with those same stone blocks-now over 100 years old.

About Mary

Growing up, Mary always enjoyed creating art projects and working on math problems, which led to her interest in acquiring a BFA in Interior Design at UW-Stout. She has a passion for drafting and 3D modeling in Revit, as well as keeping a pulse on the current trends in the design and fashion world.


Her dream job has always been to design and build her own treehouse in the woods. In her free time she enjoys traveling and exploring new places, spending time with friends and crafting new food creations.

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